"The Wings - True Dreams Never Dies" is an inspirational 3D animated film. The story is based on a bird that accidentally loses its wings but its dream of flying never dies. A twist comes in the story when a bird comes up with an idea to make his dream come true with his talent and finally, he fulfills his dream.


Wings Designing
Wings Name


Because we wanted the bird to be in a frictional environment living a modern life. We gathered information and build a bird with the perfect rig. Also, we created the concepts for the environment, Props, equipment, and clothing.

Wings All Pointers
wings plane


Character animation was definitely a challenging task for us and we had put a lot of time and effort into it. We captured all the references demonstrating all the necessary actions the bird has to play. We animated all the cameras, props and eventually created animated shots for the scenes.

wings fire
wings bhargavbhai


As a result, the short film was nominated at AAO TV OTT Platforms. Also, the film was appreciated by industry expert Sameer S. Sahasrabudhe ( Director - Education multimedia research center -EMMRC, Pune, India ). We are happy as the audience gives a tremendous response to the film.

Wings Nomination
Wings AaoTV

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