Jungle Mangal

Jungle mangal enjoys its dream online store thanks to StarkSouk.

Jungle mangal is an online fashion store that helps Independent creators to sell their merchandise to the world regardless of Inventory, Printing, and Shipping.


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The team at Jungle Mangal wanted to Redesign its e-commerce website.The company's overall sales were declining due to an average-looking website and it lacked some of the basic functionality that is required for a standard e-commerce website.

The entire business of the company depends on their website and 70-80% of their customers come from mobile devices. That's why they also wanted a responsive website.

JungleMangal Home wireframe
JungleMangal home screen


For this project, we first understood the actual needs of our clients. And after that, we did detailed research about our customer industry and competitors. So that we don't miss any functionality which was industry standard and also important to our customers.

After understanding their needs, our team created modern, responsive, and user-friendly UI/UX designs for their website. And finally, after customers' approval, we developed their website.

We include all the required functionality to the website so that their customers get the best experience through their website.

JungleMangal laptop


The client was completely satisfied with the new website.

The overall customer base of the company is increasing due to the modern and attractive website.

The total sales of their product are increasing because of the new website.

A responsive, user-friendly, and good-looking website gives the company a competitive advantage in a highly competitive industry.

Garvit client

Garvit Ajitsaria

Founder of Jungle Mangal

Starksouk helped me redesign my ecommerce store and did a fantastic job at it. They are very professional and knowledgeable. They understand the client requirements clearly and deliver on it in time.

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