Helping innovative bag company to build its brand Identity

Our client has an innovative bag product that reduces the impact of weight on the human body. They approach us to build their brand identity from scratch. They wanted us to make their brand name, brand tagline, logo design, and Identity system for them.


airomile white green
airomile black white
airomile green white


Our challenge was to identify their need and create a brand name and tagline that represented the overall brand. We try many names for their brand but we had to choose a name that has domain and trademark available and represents the overall concept of the brand.

After choosing the brand name and tagline, our second challenge was to create their logo. We had to create a logo that suited all kinds of applications for our client. The main product is a bag, so our client's concern was to create a suitable logo for all applications such as badges, stickers, Tailored stretches, etc...

airomile naming
airomile tagline
airomile sticker
airomile bag
airomile store
airomile wears 2
airomile bottle

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